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 Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z

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帖子主题: Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z   周六 三月 24, 2012 2:29 am

Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z
Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z
Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z

Elevator Parts Supplier
Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z

schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z

Type: ZR 236-11Z 1153241 4030661168630

• thermoplastic enclosure
• Good resistance to oil and petroleum spirit
• Wide range of alternative actuators
• 30 mm x 58,5 mm x 30 mm
• slim design
• 1 Cable entry M 20 x 1.5
• Double-insulated
• Mounting details to EN 50047
• Actuator heads can be repositioned by 4 x 90°


Note Diagram
positive break NC contact
no active
Normally-open contact
Normally-closed contact

Switch travel diagram

Notes Switch travel diagram
Contact closed
Contact open
Setting range
Break point
Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS adjustable range of NO contact
VÖ adjustable range of NC contact
N after travel

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Schmersal limit switch ZR 236-11Z
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