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 guide rail t70

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帖子主题: guide rail t70   周五 三月 23, 2012 1:03 am

guide rail t70
guide rail t70
guide rail t70

Elevator Parts Supplier
guide rail t70

guide rail T70

Detailed Product Description
elevator component
1. basic dimensions: 70mm*65mm*9mm
notes: bottom width is 70mm, height is 65mm, top width is 9mm, length is 5meters.
2. basic dimensions of its matched accessories
fishplate: 250mm*70mm*10mm; clip:8k; screw:M12*35
3. processing methods: machining
4. a 20` container can hold about 600 pcs of T70-1/B elevator guide rails without accessories.
5. packing:
Standard packing: all types of guide rails are packed in bundles, with protective sheathes protecting both ends and each bundle repacked in blue plastic sheeting.
If you request, we can also pack at your request.
6. material: all types of guide rails material is Q235A
7.our other types of guide rails basic dimensions: are as follow
T114/B 114mm*89mm*16mm
T82/B82.5mm*68.25mm*9mm T45/A45mm*45mm*5mm
T50/A 50mm*50mm*5mm
8. remarks
All our products are produced according to ISO7465 international standard. If you have your own standard, we can also produce according to your specific dimensions. Dimensions displayed here is only a brief version. If you want details, please contact me.

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guide rail t70
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guide rail t70
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